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Science is Fun

Engineering Rocks!

Science Camp in Brooklyn Rocks!

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2016 Summer Day-Camp Overview

Let your 6-12 year old camper join us for an exciting and unique hands-on experience learning basic principles of science and engineering. We use both hands-on activities and outdoor projects to provide campers with rich learning experiences. Camp activities take place at our base site in Fort Green Brooklyn and nearby parks.

Bodies in Motion: The Need for Speed

     Week 1 (July 11-15)

Campers explore the world of motion by designing, building and operating different types of moving vehicles. Campers also explore motion, acceleration, and speed by putting their bodies into motion on playground equipment and amusement rides with a trip to a nearby amusement park.


Nautical Adventures: The World of Water and Ship-Building

     Week 2 (July 18-22)
The week begins with an exploration of why things sink or float.  Campers continue that exploration by designing, building and operating different types of floating vessels designed to overcome specific obstacles. Campers end the week with a trip to a nearby sailing school for land and/or on-water sailing lessons.

Tinkering with Electronics

     Week 3 (July 25-29) 

Campers explore and investigate basic electronics principles and how electronic things work.  Campers learn basic electronics by building and troubleshooting electrical circuits in fun and creative ways.


Getting Busy with Computers and Coding

     Week 4 (August 1-5)

           Must attend Week 3 to register for this week

Campers build on their Week 3 experience and will build a computer that they can take home.  Campers will also learn introductory coding skills for computer games and apps.


Registration Opens January 15, 2016
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