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2016 Summer Day-Camp Program


Camp takes place in Brooklyn, NY  (Fort Green) and Nearby Parks

Bodies in Motion: The Need for Speed, Week 1 (July 11 - 15)

Campers will explore the world of motion by exploring the principles behind why things move or remain at rest. This week will involve classroom activities as well as late morning and afternoon projects outdoors.  Campers will explore how size, weight and shape affect the performance of a vehicle in motion.  They will build different types of moving vehicles powered manually or by green power. Campers will use their vehicle designs to explore certain laws of forces and motion. The week will end with our version of the Brickyard 500 race where campers’ vehicles will use different types of propulsion systems to navigate the course.  As a bonus, to further explore vehicles in motion, field trips to a Go-Kart/Bumper Car park, a Soapbox Race or an amusement park may be scheduled. 

Nautical Adventures: The World of Water and Ship-Building, Week 2 (July 18-22)


This week campers will learn about and build different types of floating vessels designed to solve particular problems. Campers will explore the question of “Why things float?”  Campers will also learn some basic principles of boating and sail design.  Each camper will also learn problem solving skills, estimation, weight and balance, and the causes and effects of water displacement. Campers will learn to collaborate as part of a team to solve problems using communication, negotiation and creative thinking skills to generate new ideas and to make decisions. To further explore floating vessels, typical field trips may include the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Intrepid or the Museum of Science and Industry.  The week will end with our own NYC Racing Regatta, featuring boats built by the campers.



Tinkering with Electronics,  Week 3 (July 25-29)

Campers explore and investigate basic electronics principles and how electronic things work.  Campers learn basic electronics by building and troubleshooting electrical circuits in fun and creative ways. We begin with simple circuits, progress to automating mechanical things and end with building an electronic device that the campers will take home.


Getting Busy with Computers and Coding,  Week 4 (August 1-5)

Must attend Week 3 to Register for this week.

Campers build on their Week 3 experience and will build a computer that they can take home.  Campers will also learn introductory coding skills for computer games and apps.

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